The Big Richard story started way back in 2004 as a spark of an idea for a consumer products brand th celebrity nude at had fun – and a little bit of cheekiness – at the heart of everything it does. The brand was originally envisioned as a clothing brand – mens underwear to be precise – with condoms as a far off dream. Fast forward to 2009 and an investor came along who urged company founder, Lloyd Perry, to ‘just focus on the condoms’. So in 2010, Big Richard Industries Pty Ltd was born and with a little bit of sales magic and persuasion, the Big Richard condom brand launched into 500+ stores across Australia.

We brought our own little bit of Australian personality to the condom landscape with things such as our Condom Courier van and our ‘two rabbits’ ad which was banned from TV.

As we progressed on our journey, we realised that our mission to help people have more fun in the bedroom could – and should – be more than just condoms. We now offer a carefully curated range of premium, designer sex toys that help couples everywhere spice up their sex lives without the sexual hang ups that the media places on sex.

We hope you enjoy shopping lesbian porno at Big Richard and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions – we love hearing from our customers!